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Find Quality Expired Domain

This service will let us find you an expired domain that have potential in getting good rankings from Google.

  • We will provide you the complete metrics of the domain and the strategy how to rebuild.
  • We will extract the keywords that can be made as new topics and get rankings.
  • We will rebuild the pages which were previously ranking for this expired domain if there’s any.
  • We will purchase the domain once we found a good one (includes in the pricing) and manage it in our hosting platform if you want.
  • We will publish 100 Articles for this domain as a starting point (Can be new topics or existing pages that were ranking before).

Note: Finding quality domain may take some time so you have to be patient. Please allow us at least a week to do the research. Also, keep in mind that the domains we will find are those ready for purchase or in closeouts (means we will avoid auctions as the domains in auctions will cost at least $500).

pricing includes all services above + the domain fee and hosting

After successful payment, we will contact you as soon as possible.