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Create People-First Content for Google Search

  • Aim to produce content that benefits readers, not just for search engine rankings.
  • Use the following checklist to evaluate and improve your articles:Content Quality Checklist:
    • Provide original insights, research, or analysis.
    • Ensure comprehensive and complete coverage of the topic.
    • Offer analysis or information that adds value beyond the obvious.
    • If referencing other sources, enhance them with your originality and additional value.
    • Craft headings and titles that accurately summarize and entice without exaggeration.
    • Make content bookmark-worthy and recommendable.
    • Aim for quality that would fit in printed media like magazines or books.
    • Compare favorably in value to other search results.
    • Avoid spelling or stylistic errors; ensure polished production.
    • Avoid mass-produced or carelessly created content.

    Expertise Verification Checklist:

    • Present content that builds trust through clear sourcing and expertise evidence.
    • Ensure the site or author is recognized as an authority on the topic.
    • Include content written or reviewed by acknowledged experts or enthusiasts.
    • Check for factual accuracy.

    Page Experience Optimization:

    • Provide a good page experience by considering multiple aspects, not just one or two.

People-First Approach Questions:

  • Does the content demonstrate first-hand expertise and knowledge depth?
  • Is there a clear, focused purpose for the site and the content?
  • Will readers feel informed and satisfied after reading?

Avoid Search Engine-First Content:

Don’t create content just for search engine traffic.

Avoid writing on trending topics without genuine interest or expertise.

Ensure content answers the reader’s query without needing further searches.

Embrace SEO Wisely:

Apply SEO practices to enhance discoverability of people-first content.

Understand E-E-A-T and Quality Guidelines:

Focus on creating content that aligns with Google’s emphasis on Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T).

Reflect on Who, How, and Why:

Be clear about who created the content and how it was created, especially if using AI or automation.

Ensure the primary motive is to assist and engage readers, not manipulate search rankings.